Our services

Your website, app or emails can generate extraordinary results
when based on a deep understanding of human nature. We created
a new design methodology, combining design thinking, customer
research and behavioural psychology. It’s 100% focussed on generating
the highest conversion in combination with long term customer happiness.

Our approach covers the complete customer journey:
advertising, landing page, sales funnel, onboarding, service environment,
inbound marketing and in store experience.

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Or explore 5 ways to work with us

1. UX/UI design and copy

You can hire us as your front-end design agency. We start with customer research and develop evidence based prototypes, that we validate with test users. We deliver detailed UX and UI design and optionally front-end code. We will work closely with your developers during implementation.

We have delivered front-end design for Telfort, Zilveren Kruis, Flying Blue, KLM, Caiway, PON (Seat, Skoda), Mercedes-Benz, PON CAT, Qurrent, Wolters Kluwer.

2. Step-by-step optimization

Do you prefer to improve your digital channel by periodic optimization? We will propose improvements based on data, customer insight research and proven behavioural design principles.

We help you set up AB tests to measure the result of each improvement. We can assist your developers, or develop for you. Under certain conditions, we can work “performance based”, to minimize your risk.

We have optimized for Smallsteps, L1nda, De Persgroep (BE), beslist.nl.

3. Coach your team in the behavioural design process

We implement a tailored behavioural design process in your organisation and coach your in-house team. We will setup the customer research tools and take the lead in behavioural design sprints. Your team will be able to gather relevant insights, interpret data, apply behavioural design techniques, validate prototypes and optimize conversion.

We have coached companies like Coca-Cola, Zelfstroom, Nationale Postcode Loterij.

4. Train your people in behavioural design

In the Buyerminds Academy we share our know how in applying psychology to digital design. Your people will learn from real practitioners with years of experience. Topics are online persuasion, behavioural design, customer insight research, UX design, copywriting or service design.

We give incompany training in various formats but also organize open courses for teams and individuals. Visit the Buyerminds Academy website for more information about training.

Buyerminds Academy

We trained professionals from ING, Coca-Cola, Booking.com, Mediahuis, De Persgroep, KLM.

5. Hire a professional

Want to have one of our people in your team for a longer period? We have a pool of UX designers, behavioural designers and researchers available. They have been trained extensively in our academy and they all have experience in working for clients like bol.com, Mercedes, ING and many others.

Contact Olaf Igesz (olaf@buyerminds.nl) to learn more about highly competitive rates.

We have placed people at companies like ING, Nextail, Colruyt

Free analysis and advice

Get in touch so we can analyze your situation and advise you on how to boost your results. Our advice is based on experience with over 500 design and optimization projects.

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Example projects


  • Customer insight research and strategic advice
  • Expert review, advice and quick wins


  • Chatbots and conversational interfaces
  • Workshops in persuasive copywriting

Design for conversion

  • Design of complete websites
  • Design of (automated) marketing emails
  • AI based personalized messaging
  • Design of paywalls
  • Design of webshops and e-commerce platforms
  • Design of landing pages
  • Design of (social) online Precampaigns

Service Design

  • Promoting customer experience
  • Selfservice
  • Reducing calls
  • Design of bad news messages
  • Design of onboarding processes
  • Design of service mails and messages


  • Facebook campaigns
  • LinkedIn campaigns
  • Instagram campaigns
  • Micro influencing campaigns
  • Growth hacking