About us

Buyerminds is an independent digital agency, managed by
founders Joris Groen (Creative Director) and Olaf Igesz
(Managing Director). Our headquarters is in Amsterdam
and we have offices in Brussels, Shanghai and Bangkok.

Why we are here

We believe that the most important skill you need to have as a company is being able to convince your audience of doing the behaviour that brings value to them and you.

We found that “traditional” UX methodology is very well capable of understanding customer goals and solving usability issues, but not sufficient when it comes to persuading and boosting behaviour in a context full of distractions and competitors fighting for time and attention.

That’s why we enriched the customer centered design process with behavioural psychology, like the BJ Fogg Behavioral Model, hundreds of nudging principles, choice architecture and gamification.

Behavioural design

The behaviour that we are designing for should always be in the best interest of the customer. Behavioural design is about helping people making better decisions and making decisions easier by providing the right information at the right moment in the right format. Behavioural design is about communicating clearly and transparently about the benefits of your product. It is about making the sales process efficient and about triggering positive emotions by reassurance, gratitude and transparency.

Behavioural design seeks to counter irrational barriers, prejudice or anxieties. Most of all, behavioural design is about helping people feel successful.

We have an ethical code, which states that we will never nudge any behaviour that we don’t think is good for ourselves or our friends.


Our people are psychologists, UX designers, UI designers researchers, digital producers and combinations of those. All of our people are trained in our in-house academy to master the behavioural design process.

Since 2012

In May 2012 Buyerminds was founded in Amsterdam by psychologist Joris Groen, conversion specialist Olaf Igesz and UX-expert Pieter Jan Troost.

In our short history we have been successful in boosting online results for established brands, online businesses, startups, non-profit organizations and governments. Our international expansion began in 2016, when we opened in Belgium and in 2017 we started optimizing websites in China and South-East Asia.

Our inspiration